Alyson Mandeville,

Co-Founder &

Partner-in-Charge of Pretty

A born and raised Southern girl, Alyson brings the sunshine mixed with a little hurricane to BNH. She stays true to her roots and prefers creating spaces that are laid-back, welcoming and unpretentious. You can usually find her confusing her partner and co-founder Naz, with her colorful southern speak.

Mike Mandeville,

Mike (of most trades)

Mike’s background in the military and career as an engineer has prepared him for “most” everything. You can usually find him taking orders from Alyson and Naz, and typically showing them who’s really the boss. He knows his way around “most” every tool known to man and is the one who’s getting it done.

Naz Yazdi,

Co-Founder & 

Partner-in-Charge of Perfection

Hailing from the other side of the globe, Naz brings an exotic perspective to BNH.  She prefers simple elegance over fussy, complicated design and is an expert at making a little go a long way. Typically, you can find her on Instagram, Pinterest, or Google trying to figure out what britches are and why someone may be too big for them.